Essential Oils

I am pleased to announce that I can now offer my clients and friends access to doTERRA Essential Oils.

Personally, I love that essential oils are a component of our family medicine cabinet, and that I can deal with common maladies without having to deal with all the extra chemicals, binders, additives, and preservatives that exist in common pharmaceuticals. It is a part of our medicine cabinet, though, and as such, I want to encourage wise use of them. Here are a few tips for discerning use of essential oils.

1. Know what you are treating and take note of how often things occur. — some oils (such as peppermint, as a single oil, or the DigestZen blend) are very effective at dealing with gastrointestinal distresses of various kinds. When you know what caused your symptoms, I encourage people to use essential oils as part of the solution. If, however, you are experiencing digestive symptoms on a regular basis and do not know the cause, please do not let the fact that relief is readily available keep you from digging deeper to find out what could be causing your symptoms and eliminate that cause. Frequent recurring heartburn is often caused by low stomach acid, for example. Excessive bouts of diarrhea or constipation can indicate major digestive disorders and — untreated — can lead to more complicated issues such as cancers of digestive tract. I don’t think we need to live in fear of major illnesses, but I do think we need to pay attention to the clues our bodies give us about what is going on. If you are treating the same symptoms again and again, then please see a trusted practitioner to see if there is a larger problem going on.

2. Keep oils out of reach of small children — Essential Oils are natural, and can be a much safer alternative than some conventional medicines, but they are in fact medicinal. Some of these oils are contraindicated in small children. Some oils are not for ingestion (taking internally). Imagine if a small child managed to drink a bottle of oil that is dangerous for small children and not to be ingested? Just like you keep scissors out of the reach of children, and even children’s vitamins have child-proof caps on them; be smart with your oils and keep them away from curious little hands!

3. Use oils as indicated, only. doTERRA has this great system where they mark the oils as being for Aromatic (A), Topical (T), or Internal (I) use. They also indicate which oils are safe for use without a carrier or “Neat (N),” which oils might react if used neat on Sensitive skin (S), and which should always Diluted (D) before using topically! Do not use oils any other way than how they are indicated.

Now that we have the housekeeping out of the way, here are just a few things you can use essential oils for: skin issues (blemishes, scars, dark spots, etc), digestive ailments (heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, nausea), stress relief, mood balancing, hormone balancing, aches and pains, bug bites, bee stings, general first aid, motion sickness, “morning” sickness. Not all of these issues call for topical application (putting on the skin directly). Some of them are simple aromatherapy uses (for instance, diffusing oils in a location to deal with stress, nausea, etc). But the possibilities are pretty limitless.

While there are many options available to the curious essential oil explorer, let me tell you a bit about how I came to appreciate doTERRA, specifically.

My doTERRA story:

I have long been a believer in the use of certain essential oils to address various health concerns. The first one I knew about, beyond having aromatherapy uses, was tea tree oil (more scientifically known as melaleuca). I learned as an acne-prone teenager that tea tree was very beneficial as an antibacterial agent, and that made it a stellar blemish-fighter. Eventually I learned that lavender is very soothing, and peppermint very invigorating.

When, after college, I worked for The Body Shop (a UK-based skin care company), my essential oil knowledge expanded a bit, where I learned that there are actually several things tea tree is good for (bug bites, cuts and scrapes, bee stings, and poison ivy, just to name a few). My manager used to tell people I was the Reigning Queen of Tea Tree Oil, because it was one of my favorite product lines and the one in which I had the best sales. I learned about the effectiveness of a few oils for dealing with nausea, I learned about using lavender and peppermint for headaches, and I learned that it takes 14,000 rose petals to get a single drop of rose essential oil (which is why it can be so costly!)

Now in my post-college, married-with-children adult life, I rely on essential oils as an important part of our home medicine cabinet. It is not the ONLY component of said medicine cabinet, however, as we also rely on a variety of teas, tinctures, supplements, and of course on using our every-day foods as medicine (for example, garlic). However, the role of these oils changed dramatically when my sister, Anna, introduced me to doTERRA.

I had already heard a lot of press, good and bad, about doTERRA, and was pretty sure I could do all the same things with other oils, but I knew that their specific Essential Oil Blends were pretty specifically formulated and that it was going to take a lot of time to track down all the oils required to make those blends. Why did that matter? Well, my son is in the diagnostic process for issues on the Autism Spectrum, and one of these blends has been very key in helping when he gets overstimulated and tantrum-prone (the Balance Blend). So, thankful for some relief, I signed on under my sister in order to get those blends more at a lower price. The upshot of this was that I would be able to offer my clients a brand of oils that I trust, especially since their blends also cover digestive issues, immune health, and stress relief, among other things.

Joshua, Christmas 2014.On this visit with family, my sister introduced Balance to my sweet boy, and we noticed SUCH a difference!

Joshua, Christmas 2014.On this visit with family, my sister introduced Balance to my sweet boy, and we noticed SUCH a difference!

Recently, however, I had some experiences that have since changed my opinion on whether or not doTERRA oils are “just like the other good brands” of oils I’ve used. I have used several oils from NOW Foods, because they are affordable and I have trusted the quality. Recently, before I had too much of a chance to increase my present stock of doTERRA oils, my husband was having some stomach discomfort. I know that peppermint can be very beneficial for stomach upset, so I applied a few drops (neat) to the area in question. He couldn’t really tell me if it helped all that much. He did start to feel better a few hours later, after we’d also tried a few other things (probiotics and foods); but he couldn’t pinpoint for sure what triggered the change.

Fast forward a few days, after I had some doTERRA peppermint, and Jeff again was experiencing some discomfort. I opened a teeny tiny sample bottle of peppermint, and he said right away, “That….is a lot stronger. My eyes are watering.” I put a few drops, neat, on his abdomen, at the site of the discomfort. A few minutes later I checked back and he had experienced a noticeable difference that he could definitely attribute to the oil.

Joshua definitely notices a difference from our use of the oils, too! When we started using the Balance blend for when he is overstimulated, I worked very hard to make sure he didn’t think we were giving him medicine (We ARE using them as medicine, but I wanted to gauge his actual reaction and was wary of a placebo effect), but rather that I was offering something to distract him from whatever was going on. If he was fixated on something, in particular, I’d say, “Hey! I have an idea! Would you like to smell these oils? Doesn’t that smell nice? Do you want to put some on?” After only a few times, I was applying them to him when I realized I was also feeling particularly overwhelmed and wanted to give them a try. I said, “That smells so nice, I want some, too!” And put them on. He looked at me and said, “Does that feel better, Mom?” I was a bit stunned and answered cautiously, “Yes….does it make you feel better?” His enthusiastic “Yes!” blew me away. Fast forward a few months, and we had added the DigestZen blend to our collection, because digestive distress is a very real part of life with a Celiac toddler. I used it on him a few times, and wasn’t sure if he noticed a difference. His digestion did seem to even out, but I didn’t have any proof that he felt better, until today. Today, Joshua came up to me and said, “Mom, I need oils my belly,” and rubbed his belly to show me where they go. His mood, which had been off (as does tend to happen when he is feeling stomach pain), evened back out. He got had more energy and has shown fewer signs of experiencing any digestive discomfort.

A lot of the negative press I had seen about doTERRA centers on the fact that they created their own certification, so who is to say how pure “pure” really is (which is true for other oil blends, as well). As of yet, there isn’t a singular third-party process for essential oils like there is with the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) or with Certified Organic produce. So doTERRA created their own standard, and the types of testing their oils go through is pretty comprehensive! I can tell a very real difference between my doTERRA oils and my “other” oils. The aroma of the doTERRA oils is cleaner, and I have seen results much more quickly when using lavender to treat burns, peppermint for stomach discomfort, and both of the same for headaches. So they may have created the standard, but they certainly live up to it well, in my opinion!

So while I began in doTERRA as a way to save myself some valuable time and a bit of money getting some needed items for my son’s well-being, I am now confident that I made a very sound decision. I am thrilled to – instead of saying that essential oils are a part of my family’s medicine cabinet – say that doTERRA oils are a part of my family’s medicine cabinet.

If you want to experience doTERRA for yourself, you can browse the oils and products available at

DISCLAIMER: The links in this site is to my specific doTERRA storefront, and as such I do earn commission from items purchased.

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